Thursday, October 8, 2009

Naxalism connected to govt’s inability to reach out: Rahul

Asked how long he will learn and when will he start acting on the basis of this learning, Rahul Gandhi said: ``My learning process will end the day I die. For me, there is no distinction between learning and action. My action is learning and learning is what my action.’’

On the growing naxal activities in the country the AICC general secretary said that Naxalism would not take over if there was proper development. Naxalism is growing since the fruits of development are not reaching the people.We have to reach out to the people and their problems to curb Naxalism. If the people are closer to the political system, then Naxal activities will naturally come down, he added.

"There are experts in the government who know how to combat Naxalism. But my view is that there is a connection between Naxalism and local governments' inability to reach out to people and lack of development", Gandhi said.

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